P0RTALS is a collection of drawings, writings, thoughts, bits and pieces, doorways into realms and open fields. It started with a curiosity for shared perspectives of themes reflecting existence. 

This zine created by a group of artists, art therapists, photographers, writers and contributors to raise funds for Migrant Mutual Aid Singapore, a platform to facilitate the redistribution of resources from Singaporeans to the migrant community.

All of the sales will go to Migrant Mutual Aid Singapore. 

Printed in 2021
First print run of 200 copies
Black and white print, 50 pages. 
Each zine comes with a booklet containing artwork write ups, texts and artist bios.

20 contributors: Barbarianflower, Bee, bernice dela cruz, Chand Chandramohan, Chan Shu Yin, Dey Irfan, Divaagar, Elyse Lam, Gloria Tse, Harumaruchi, Kae Yuan, likefireatsea, Marie Toh, Michelle Abby, Ong Siew Kwan Kimo, Poh Shu Ning, Roshni Bhatia, Sonia Kwek, Syafiq Rafid and Wondebra Loh